The Purpose of Digestive Enzymes in Pet Dietary Supplements

Nutritional supplements for pets may contain numerous other ingredients besides vitamins and minerals. Products from a company such as NuVet, for example, include a variety of herbs as well as oils that provide healthy fatty acids. Essential amino acids, the separate building blocks of protein, also are included. In addition, the digestive enzymes alpha amylase and papain are in these products. To learn more about this particular organization and its products, interested pet owners can read their review here.

What are digestive enzymes that are found in numerous dietary supplements for both humans and companion animals? These enzymes help the body break down food and absorb nutrients more effectively. Papain comes from papaya fruit, and it’s considered one of the best sources of digestive enzymes. The chemical process involved is complicated, but essentially, papain breaks down large protein components into smaller ones. That allows amino acids to be used more efficiently by the body.

Research indicates that papain enzymes are beneficial for the stomach, intestines and pancreas. The pancreas helps convert food into cellular energy. Papain has another advantage in the diet: its antioxidant characteristics. Antioxidants eliminate free radicals in the body that develop for various reasons. These substances can occur in response to toxins in the environment, such as cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust fumes. However, they also occur naturally as the body digests food and releases waste materials in a normal process. The prevalence of free radicals is stressful to the body, so antioxidants are beneficial in this regard.

Complementary components commonly are included in supplements with digestive enzymes. For instance, the NuVet general dietary supplement for dogs contains alfalfa because this plant helps with digestion and boosts nutrient absorption. It’s another powerful antioxidant, as is pine bark extract.

Many pet owners simply cannot afford to feed their dogs and cats expensive food from specialty retailers. That’s even more of a problem for people who own large dogs that eat a substantial amount of pet food. Feeding them a diet of commercially produced food from a reputable brand should provide adequate nutrition, but boosting that nutrition with a supplement is a choice many consumers are making.